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Here is a directory of referral resources we recommend for various needs:

Lactation/ Breastfeeding Services

Danielle Croce RN, IBCLC – In-office and At-home care

Johanna Iwaszkowiec, IBCLC – At-Home Care, In-office Care, and Tele-visits

https://littleflowermd.com/ – In-office care (oral surgery)

Specialty Chiropractic Care

Advanced Pregnancy Care:

Cypress Garret DC

Julie Thake DC

Doula and Midwifery

Andrea Stone

Talia Cruz Whittington, CNM

Michelle Sanchez-Nolan

Rachel Mans

Emily Ann : Birthempowereddoula@deannehenslowe3

Post-Partum Support

Elephant Baby

Joselyn Miller

Other Therapies

Sage Tree Therapies :

They provide therapy for a number of pregnancy- and family-related issues: 

Julie Smith PT : physical therapy and nutrition counseling

St. Louis Women’s Physical Therapy : Dr. Jen, Pelvic Floor PT